Research and Development Expert

شهر محل کار: قزوین

زمان انتشار: 28 می، 2024

Job Description


    • Follow, inspect, and evaluate new technologies and competitors on the market (CTI part).
    • Market/competitor monitoring both local and international competitors in the market, reporting to the local R&D manager, and regional CTI manager involved in marketing if needed.
    • Arrange and lead LCF before project launch with alignment and presence of R&D formulation, legal, marketing, SC, TA, RA, and if required EA team.
    • Approve AW claim a part, name of the product, and any shape or logo used as a claim, providing support for the team with alignment with regional/global R&D teams.
    • Collaborate with Formulation and evaluation of BOM changes their effect on product performance or claims and AWs, if necessary, manage AW change, leading LCFReview and approve any kind of communication (i.e. KV, TV, digital, etc.), making sure they are correct, supported, and aligned with local/UL regulationAttend and support he marketing/CMI team during consumer tests or studies.
    • Coordinate performance tests required to be done within UL or at 3rd party.
    • Issue supportive letters/coordinate a regional team to issue supportive letters/dossiers in case of challenge by authorities.
    • Attend meetings regarding products at authorities when claim support is needed.
    • Arrange local 3rd party tests when required, interpret the report, and share it with other teamsDirect and mutual communication with the CMI team supporting and receiving support when needed.


    • Evaluate raw material specifications.
    • Create and maintain a bill of materials.
    • Manage raw material specifications.
    • Ensure and agree with s/chain that specifications are reproducible and robust at the feasibility stage.
    • Manage sharing specs with related departments.
    • Lead and coordinate feasibility trials.
    • Help resolve: SC manufacturing issues, quality problems, and supplier-specific issues.
    • Report writing (e.g. feasibility trials, lab trials, saving projects, etc.).


    • Assist in deploying new formulation and process technologies for projects related to consumer/business benefits.
    • Assess and understand product stability interaction with processing.
    • New raw materials characterization and measurement.
    • Deliver understanding of process effects on product performance.
    • Examine MSDS and specifications of the raw materials used.
    • Inform team members about the possible hazards and train the technicians.
    • Manage specifications by ensuring that all raw materials, formulations, and any changes are accurately captured into inter-spec/local specs; and matching local regulations.
    • Ensure regulatory requirements are met for each operating company (e.g. SEAC, ingredients listing, import/export requirements, country standards).Support formulation development by working collaboratively with Regional R&D TeamsLead and coordinate feasibility and capability trials in the factory and 3Ps.
    • Help resolve: SC manufacturing issues, quality problems, and supplier supplier-specific issues.
    • Train plant personnel for new technology İnitiatives relevant to R&D.
    • Prepare main plant trial reports to share with the R&D manager and concerned parties.


    • Lead and participate in s/chain project teams (innovation roll-out – new technology into the business; cost-effectiveness; activation/promotion).


    • Build relationships with suppliers to leverage opportunities (eg. cost-effectiveness and improve specifications).
    • Assist in identifying new sources of materials, and alternative suppliers.
    • Follow and develop suppliers’ capabilities.
    • Assist in adopting specifications for specific suppliers.


    • Approve ingredients in AW Process and all related parts to R&D and CTI.


    • Help to identify opportunities for reducing costs.
    • Discuss and support for identified cost savings.
    • Implement cost-reduction initiatives e.g. complexity reduction or alternative raw materials.


    • Develop and maintain personal technical skills.
    • Aid in the development of Local team technical skills and operating companies.
    • Provide technology exposure to broader project teams (brand marketing, s/chain) – to facilitate understanding and effective teamwork.


    • Establish a strong network within functions.
    • Lead R&D formula section in local platforms.
    • Give technical inputs to relevant parts.
    • Develop technical skills of R&D technicians.
    • Project and portfolio management.
    • Provide technology exposure to broader project teams (Brand Marketing, S/Chain) – to facilitate understanding and effective teamwork.


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Chemistry.
  • Good command of English.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • 2 years of R&D/process experience.
  • Product commissioning experience.