SHE Assistant Manager

شهر محل کار: قزوین

زمان انتشار: 24 آوریل، 2024

Job Description

    • Deploy the global/cluster SHE strategy, policy, and standards in the site to achieve excellent sustainable results.
    • Develop a thorough understanding of the Unilever BBS Program and support deployment in the site/country.
    • Monitor site legal compliance and ensure the site meets all local/national regulatory requirements and Unilever standards, provide advice on federal SHE legislation requirements, and implement relevant procedures and policies.
    • Assist the site leader to develop and lead the internal crisis committees and safety committee; support the logistics teams in leading severe incident investigation and analysis.
    • Coordinate occupational health, safety, and environmental results.
    • Drive safety and environment risk assessment and develop/implement appropriate controls.
    • Work closely to identify and mitigate risks leading to occupational ill health.
    • Conduct trend analysis from incidents, near misses, safe behavior observations, and deep. compliance audits.
    • Develop and deploy internal SHE auditing and inspection systems.
    • Determine training needs and assist in the delivery of training programs.
    • Design and conduct health promotions and campaigns.
    • Ensure accurate and on-time SHE reports.
    • Conduct positive assurance review audits.
    • Monitor food safety on the site and ensure compliance with mandatory local regulations.
    • Coordinate all necessary meetings and prepare all MOH (Ministry of Health) reports.
    • Provide first-aid services in case of any injuries and illnesses and play a key role in emergency situations.


    • To be certified and registered in the MOH system.
    • Full recognition of occupational and safety incidents.
    • Experience in obtaining and holding environmental and safety ISO 45001 (or OHSAS 18000) and 14000.
    • Knowledge of safe travel and transportation safety policies.
    • Familiar with standard reporting and Microsoft Office.
    • Familiar with MSDS.
    • Fluent in English and good communication skills.