Utility Engineer

شهر محل کار: تهران

زمان انتشار: ژوئن 8, 2023

Job Description

The main responsibilities are :

  • Ensure that the Quality of the work conducted is to the highest possible standard and lowest cost.
  • Installation and commissioning of Process Equipment and Utility & HVAC Equipment.
  • Vertical start-up of the equipment.
  • Implement the WCM(World Class Manufacturing) principles during the design and execution of projects.
  • Member of EEM in project execution, end to end.
  • Responsible for the timely implementation of technical projects, including cost and resource management.
  • Responsible for project management’s Health, Safety, and Environmental aspects from design.
  • Responsible for equipment selection, project implementation (site safety), Commissioning, and final project handover.
  • Best Proven Practice implementation and awareness dissemination from Engineering Community.
  • The ability to design, draw, estimate material and cost and lead time of projects
  • Proficient in equipment, chiller, AHU (Air Handling Unit), boiler, piping, ducting, control systems.