Unilever Iran – SHE Supervisor

شهر محل کار: تهران

زمان انتشار: 3 مارس، 2024

Job Description

    • Assist the SHE manager and team in implementing effective SHE policies, guidelines, and procedures to achieve department objectives.
    • Support the deployment of global/regional SHE strategy, policy, and standards in sites to achieve sustainable results.
    • Monitor and report SHE performance indicators on a monthly and quarterly basis, both internally and externally.
    • Develop, deploy, and implement plans to improve driving safety and occupational safety records of the sites.
    • Monitor and oversee safety activities of the Head Office
    • Identify training needs and assist in delivering training programs.
    • Ensure the implementation of training, toolbox meetings, and drills as part of the company’s training and HSE program, i.e., emergency response systems, etc.
    • Conduct risk assessment to develop and implement SHE strategy and improvement action plan
    • Collaborate with regulatory bodies to ensure the HO meets all local, national, legal, and Unilever standards on Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment.
    • Supports SHE Team in budget.
    • Utilize various visual and written communication channels to increase SHE awareness among employees.
    • Ensure full compliance with Unilever framework standards and legal requirements related to SHE issues.
    • Participate in external and internal audits, coordinate necessary activities, and inform relevant personnel within the organization.
    • Apply risk assessments for out-of-office activities and take necessary preventive actions.
    • Support internal and external crisis committees and safety committees, including serious incident investigation and analysis.
    • Control all major risks ensuring there are plans and actions to mitigate impact in cases of accidents.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health or a related field.
    • At least 4 years of relevant experience.
    • Excellent command of English.
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
    • Certification and registration in the MOH system.
    • Experience in obtaining and holding environmental and safety ISO 45001 (or OHSAS 18000) and 14000.
    • Knowledge of safe travel and transportation safety policies.