Safety Supervisor

شهر محل کار: قزوین

زمان انتشار: 29 ژوئن، 2024

Job Description

  • Create an understanding of the Unilever behavioral-based safety program and support deployment on the site.
  • Work closely with occupational health personnel to identify and mitigate risks that may lead to occupational ill health.
  • Determine training needs and assist in the delivery of training programs.
  • Deploy the global/cluster SHE strategy, policy, and standards in the site to achieve excellent sustainable results.
  • Drive safety risk analysis and develop/implement appropriate controls due to the hierarchy of controls.
  • Monitor site legal compliance and ensure the site meets all local/national regulatory requirements and Unilever standards, provide advice on national SHE legislation requirements, and implement relevant procedures and policies.
  • Advise line management in all accident/incident investigations.
  • Conduct trend analysis from incidents, near misses, SMAT (Safety Management Audit and Training), safety walks, and S-Cards.
  • Develop and deploy internal safety auditing and inspection systems.
  • All necessary workplace hazard assessments for each job description/position are conducted and potential safety hazards are identified.
  • Internal and external assurance audits are conducted as per plan (PAR, APR, PSM, ISO Compliance, SMAT, EMAT, Safety Walk, S-Cards, etc.) and corrective actions are implemented.
  • Drills are planned and the action plan is clear after each execution.
  • Ensure proper incident investigation (S-EWO and LL) is done in post incidents if any. Disciplinary actions are followed according to the agreed disciplinary matrix.
  • Human error management via proper RCA of analysis is done.
  • Post-incident learnings are implemented across the site via horizontal expansion.